Year 2013-14

Efficient Signals Processing Lab:

Data Fusion with Deep Learning in a Multimodal Tongue Drive System

Dr. David Anderson (Faculty Advisor), Helen Li, Matthew O’Shaughnessy, Virginia Dobson, Nathan Parrish (PhD Mentor)

GT Bionic Lab:

Wireless Emergency and Adherence Monitoring System

Dr. Maysam Ghovanloo (Faculty Advisor), Bryan Cheung,  Daniel Burnham (PhD Mentor), Chris Wang

Quantitative Ultrasonic Evaluation Sensing and Testing Lab:

Deconvolution and Matched Filtering of Ultrasonic Waveforms for Improved Signal Quality

Oscar Ocampo, Nigel Campbell, Xander Dawson (PhD Mentor), Greg Luppescu, Dr. Jenny Michaels (Faculty Advisor)

Communication Systems Center:

Cleaner Air Through Smarter Vehicles: Efficient Parking Space Acquisition

Billy Kihei (PhD Mentor) Sam Kirsch, Dr. John Copeland (Faculty Advisor), Phillip Hughes, Ashley Hrebik

Advanced Computation Electric Systems Lab:

Making the Georgia Tech Campus Recreation Center Self-Sufficient

Katherine Sanz,  Alyse Taylor (PhD Mentor), Jennifer Hunter, Andy Sheng, not pictured: Dr. Santiago Grijalva (Faculty Advisor)


Implementation of Standard TEO Features for Classification Accuracy in Detection of Emotional State

Dr. Elliot Moore (Faculty Advisor), Stephanie Gillespie (PhD Mentor), Angelique McCoy, Aissatou Barry

Communication Systems Center:

Cryptographically Curated File System

Priya Bajaj, Holly Parrish, Thomas Saekao, Aaron Goldman (PhD Mentor), Mallika Sen, not pictured: Dr. John Copeland (Faculty Advisor)

 Energy Systems Research Lab:

Improving the Design of a Wind Turbine Generator For Use in an Energy Systems Course

Brendan Lynch, John Seuss (PhD Mentor), George Vellaringattu, Dr. Ron Harley (Faculty Advisor)

Mixed Signal Design Group:

Improving the Signal Integrity in High Speed Circuits

David Zhang (PhD Mentor), Sridhar Sivapurapu, Sinan Liu, Dr. Madhavan Swaminathan (Faculty Advisor)

The Propagation Group:

5.8 GHz Energy Harvesting Circuitry Matching for Variable Loads

Olivia Wasdin, Kevin Berman, Blake Marshall (Mentor),Damilola Apatira, Shad Hepner, not pictured: Dr. Greg Durgin (Faculty Advisor)

Energy Systems Research Lab:

Sensorless Control for High Speed Switched Reluctance Machine

Gregory Liu, Jie Dang (PhD Mentor), Dr. Ron Harley (Faculty Advisor), Jamez Si

Intelligent Vision and Automation Laboratory:

Autonomous Control of a Mobile Robot Follower with a Human Leader

Miguel Serrano (PhD Mentor), Adam Kahin, John Xu, Dr. Patricio Vela (Faculty Advisor), not pictured: Angel Daruna 

The Propagation Group:

Effects of Wireless Channel on Received Power Optimizer Waveforms

Richard Lee, Daniel Canales, Alex Cheu, Marcin Morys (PhD Mentor), not pictured: Dr. Greg Durgin (Faculty Advisor)

Electric Machine and Power Lab:

A Random Forest Method for Electricity Price Forecasting

Haitian Sun, Dawei He (PhD Mentor), Jie Mei,  not pictured: Dr. Tom Habetler (Faculty Advisor)

Computational Electronics and Photonics Group:

Modulation Response of Avalanche Photodiodes

Dr. Paul Yoder (Faculty Advisor), Philip Wolfe, Tony He, Timothy Philip (PhD Mentor), Ernesto Mogena

The Propagation Group:

Exploiting Inkjet Printing Technologies to Develop Energy Harvester Antennas on Transparent Paper Substrates

George Udeochu,  Chris Beaulieu, Jingyuan Liang, Francesco Amato (PhD Mentor), Ikenna Uzioje, not pictured: Dr. Greg Durgin (Faculty Advisor )

Parallel and Distributed Computing Lab:

Cloud Computing for an Earthquake Detection  Application

Kevin Chen, Cordel Williams, Jason Mar, Dr. Bo Hong (Faculty Advisor), Xiao Yu (PhD Mentor), Jonathan Osei-Owusu

Sensors and Smart Systems:

Power Management in Energy-Harvest Aware Wireless Sensor Networks

Qianao Ju (PhD Mentor), Erik Fagan, Cindy Chen, Sanjana Dhankani, Dr. Ying Zhang (Faculty Advisor)

Kohl Group:

Cross-linking in a Positive Tone Polynorbornene Dielectric

Brennen Mueller (PhD Mentor), Zach Pritchard,  Jared Schwartz (PhD Mentor), Jonathan Tuck, Jane Erickson,  not pictured Dr. Paul Kohl (Faculty Advisor)