Year 2012-13

Communications Systems Center:

NetSecLab: Developing  a Network Security Competition

 Troy Nunnally (PhD Mentor), Naissa Conde, Sam Kirch, Priya Bajaj, Joseph Lind, Dr. John Copeland (Faculty Advisor)

The Propagation Group:

Detuning of RFID Antennas in RF Harsh Environments

Blake Marshall (PhD Mentor), Damilola Apatira, Shad Hepner, Eric Palmer, not pictured: Dr. Greg Durgin (Faculty Advisor)

Parallel and Distributed Computing Lab:

MapReduce Simulator

Matthew O’Shaughnessy, Andrey Kurenkov, Xiao Yu (PhD Mentor),  Troy O’Neal, Dr. Bo Hong (Faculty Advisor)

Electric Machine and Power Lab:

Home Energy Auditing Meter

 Phillip Hughes, David He (PhD Mentor), Seibou Gounteni, Dr. Tom Habetler (Faculty Advisor), Jie Mei

Advanced Computational Electricity Systems:

International Smart Grid Survey to Develop Policy Recommendations for the Future US Electric Grid

Brittany Pierce, Alyse Taylor (PhD Mentor), Alex Cheu, Anna Peterson, not pictured: Dr. Carlos Grijalva (Faculty Advisor)

Intelligent Power Infrastructure Consortium:

Adding Large-Scale Energy Storage Systems to the Power Grid

 Sang Lee, Neal Jean, John Seuss (PhD Mentor), Patrick Pierce, not pictured: Dr. Ron Harley (Faculty Advisor)

GT-Bionics Lab:

Wireless Biological Data Acquisition from Awake Behaving Animal Subjects Utilizing Optical Localization

Aaron Garofano, Mehdi Kiani (PhD Mentor), Dr. Maysam Ghovanloo (Advisor)

Agile Technologies for High-performance Electromagnetic Novel Applications Group:

Low Cost Inkjet-printed Flexible Strain Sensor

Matt Yacoub, Sangkil Kim (PhD Mentor), Nikhil Ramesh, not pictured: Dr. Manos Tentzeris (Faculty Advisor)

Agile Technologies for High-performance Electromagnetic Novel Applications Group:

Printed RFID Tags for NFC Applications

Jason Mar, Brad Medeiros, Michelle Hansey, Hoseon Lee (PhD Mentor), not pictured: Dr. Manos Tentzeris (Faculty Advisor)

The Propagation Group:

Ultra-low Power Design for Passive Sensors

Olivia Wasdin, Chris Valenta (PhD Mentor), Laura Blanca, Matias Almada, not pictured: Dr. Greg Durgin (Faculty Advisor)

Mixed Signal Design Group:

Implementing CV-PTL on FPGA with Power Reduction Coding Scheme

Austin Foote, Sang Kyn Kim (PhD Mentor), Di Sheng, Sinan Liu, not pictured: Dr. Madhavan Swaminathan (Faculty Advisor)

Intelligent Power Infrastructure Consortium:

High Speed Switched Reluctance Machine Sensorless Control

Gregory Lui, Jie Dang (PhD Mentor), Djuan Billingslea, Jamez Si, not pictured: Dr. Ron Harley (Faculty Advisor)

GT-Bionics Lab:

Wireless Emergency and Adherence Monitoring Systems (WEAMS)

Mallika Sen, Jessica Block, Jacob Block (PhD Mentor), Dr. Maysam Ghovanloo (Faculty Advisor)

Interconnect and Packaging Center:

Cross-Linking of Positive-Tone Polynorbornene Dielectric

Helen Li, Benjamin Schmidt, Dr. Paul Kohl (Faculty Advisor),
Zach Pritchard, Brennen Mueller (PhD Mentor)

Systems and Controls Lab:

Developing a Tracking Control System for a Unicycle Mobile Robot

Jeremy Thompson, Benjamin Lee, Miguel Serrano (PhD Mentor), Dr. Patricio Vela (Faculty Advisor)

Communications Systems Center:

GUSTO: Gesture-based 3D User Authentication Technique with Biometric Features

Troy Nunnally (PhD Mentor), Penyen Chi, Dr. John Copeland (Faculty Advisor), Dr. Selcuk Uluagac (Faculty Advisor)