Year 2009-10

Power Lab/Machines Lab:

Analysis and Application of the Offline Surge Test to Low Voltage Induction Machines

Shruti Batra, Stefan Grubic (PhD Mentor), Sharan Parikh

Intelligent Power Infrastructure:

Power Flow Control in MATLAB for Networks Using Controllable Network Transformers

Raymond Engle, Nanley Chery, David Saenz-Landazabal, Debrup Das (PhD Mentor)

Electric Power Lab:

Artificial-Neural-Network-based Wind Speed Estimation for Sensor-less Maximum Wind Energy Capture

Chandim Chatterjee, Lokeshwar Akkipeddi, Jiaqi Liang (PhD Mentor), Yujie Fu

Human-Automation Systems Lab:

Robotic Terrain Exploration

Lonnie Parker (PhD Mentor), Brittany English, Marcus Chavis

Quantitative Ultrasonic Evaluation, Sensing, and Testing Lab:

Use of Microwaves to Determine Spatial Distribution of Water Concentration in Carpet Fibers

Nidhi Joshi, Ler Gullayanon (PhD Mentor), Pujita Vijayvargiya, Constance Brown

Mixed Signal Design Group :

Self-Healing 3D Mixed-Signal Systems

Brett Ireland, Abhilash Goyal (PhD Mentor), Seema Bhandari, Penyen Chi

Network Security and Architecture Lab:

Network Traffic Classification Using Multidimensional Polynomial Approximation

Sahitya Jampana, Sean Sanders, Kevin Fairbanks (PhD Mentor)

Agile Technologies for High-performance Electromagnetic Novel Applications Group:

Zigbee Enabled Wireless Transceiver for Location Finding

Amin Rida (PhD Mentor), Vernell Woods, Sam Elia, Lauren Vogelaar, Sabastian Palacios

Intelligent Vision and Automation Lab:

Autonomous Control of Model Construction Machinery

Miguel Serrano (PhD Mentor), Dr. Patricio Vela (Faculty Advisor), Jeff Lumish, Joey Yore

GT-Bionics Lab:

Control Robotic Arm Using Tongue Drive System

Manipulation of a Mobile Device Through an Assistive Tongue Drive System

Xueliang Huo (PhD Mentor), Jeremy Jones, Jeremy Thompson, Felipe Salazar, Sandhya Rajaraman

Communications Systems Center:

Integration of Quality of Service for WiMAX Mesh/Relay networks with Wi-Fi Multimedia Research

Asma Qureshi, Myounghwan Lee (PhD Mentor)

Propagation Group:

Wireless Antenna Power Visualization System & Power-Optimized Waveform Research Methods

Courtney Drewski, Rodrigo Quinteros, Matt Trotter (PhD Mentor), Santiago Hassig, Jayson Jenkins