Year 2008-09

Electric Power Group I:

Tuning of a controller for an induction machine using PSO

Nicole Rennalls, Charles Goolsby, Stefan Grubic (PhD Mentor) and Jerome Vinson, not pictured: Sharan Parikh 

Microwave Group:

Exploring the various methods of microwave non-destructive evaluation (NDE) for the specific application of detecting structural defects in ceramic materials

Felipe Salazar, Constance Brown, Matt Trotter (PhD Mentor), and Pujita Vijayvargiya

RFID Group:

Design and implementation of RFID modules on flexible substrate using environmental friendly novel techniques in electronics fabrication ‘conductive inkjet printing

Edward Tan, Amin Rida (PhD Mentor), and Trevale Reynolds

Tongue Driver Group:

Wireless control of robotic arm using tongue drive assistive technology

Asma Qureshi, Xueliang Huo (PhD Mentor), Jeremy Jones, and Jeremy Thompson  

Propagation Group I:

Measuring structure penetration loss and indoor propagation at 700 MHz: Spatio-temporal data acquisition system to perform a wireless channel reconstruction based on perimeter channel measurements

Santiago Hassig, Rodrigo Quinteros, and Ryan Pirkl (PhD Mentor), not pictured: Seema Bhandari 

Communications Systems Center:

Modifying the NS-2 simulator so the network simulator can produce more realistic results in wireless environments and protocols

Yusun Chan (PhD Mentor), Jeff Lumish, and Joey Yore

Electric Power Group II:

Integration of controllable network transformers (CNTs) into power flow calculation

Debrup Das (PhD Mentor), Washim Mohammed, David Saenz-Landazabal

Propagation Group II:

Using various conducting materials to contain the propagation signal of an access point to a defined area

Dawn Tall, Alvin Chou, Courtney Drewski, not pictured: Lorne Liechty (PhD Mentor) 

Human-Automation Systems Lab:

Developing a low-cost model for characterizing the stability an un-chartered terrain

Odile Mugisha, Lonnie Parker (PhD Mentor), Joleon Pettway

Network Security and Architecture Lab:

Forensic Discovery and Extraction Toolkit for Linux Memory

Statistical Model for Computer Network Forensics

Sean Sanders, Kevin Fairbanks (PhD Mentor), Geller Bedoya

Systems and Controls Group:

Exploring computer vision capabilities in robotics

Using the Arduino platform to design and implement a control system that will create the movements of automatic vehicles

Major Smith, Ibrahima Ndiour (PhD Mentor), Sahitya Jampana, Nidhi Joshi, Sandhya Rajaraman

Electric Power Group III:

Comparison of parallel implementations of particle swarm optimization (PSO) on multiple core processors

Michael Digman, not pictured: Dr. Ron Harley, (Resarch Advisor)