Summer Job/Internship Opportunities

In addition to the below opportunities, we strongly encourage our scholars to apply for job/internship positions with our corporate sponsors. If you would like us to assist you in your search for a position send us an email and we will do our best to get you in contact with our corporate contacts!





Days of Program

REU in Applied Computational Robotics March 1st

The University of South Carolina REU in applied computational robotics is centered around the observation that “robots change everything.” That is, every aspect of a computer system, from the design and engineering of its software, to its interactions with humans, to its core functions of perception and movement, is deeply impacted by the way robots must interact with the physical world. In this 10 week summer program, students will engage in active research rooted in areas such as software engineering, security, and automated reasoning that are often overlooked by the contemporary robotics community, but crucially important for the deployment of reliable, trustworthy robotic systems.

A stipend of $500 per week; On campus housing in apartment style dorms; A meal allowance of $1200; Coordinated social events; Professional development and training workshops; Travel expenses up to $600.

May 30th – August 3rd
REU with NSF in Powering Smart Cities March 15th Thanks to the support from the National Science Foundation, the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at University of Denver (DU) will be offering up to 10 REU positions for Summer 2018.
The aim of this REU Site is to advance research training for talented undergraduate students in the area of Smart Cities with a focus on electricity infrastructure. The REU students will improve their research skills while working on cutting-edge research in the design of future electric power grids under the guidance of dedicated research mentors. Our cohort of REU students will be trained to excel as the next generation of engineers and leaders in the energy sector.
Our REU projects are defined based on the three pillars of a Smart City, i.e., enhanced livability, enhanced workability, and enhanced sustainability. The selected research topic areas include: Transportation Electrification, Power System Resiliency, Energy Economy, Community Microgrids, Data Analytics, Renewable Energy.Travel costs to/from University of Denver campus will be covered; Residence hall lodging will be fully paid; Each REU student will receive a meal allowance of $500; Each REU student will receive a $4500 stipend.
June 4th – August 5th
Reu in Robotics in Assistive Technology March 15th

The Robotics for Assistive Technology Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at the University of Wisconsin-Stout (UW-Stout) aims to improve the technology which enables robotics to infiltrate our daily lives. Robots are becoming increasingly integrated into society, performing useful tasks in the home and elsewhere. The introduction of robotics and technology-supported environments will play a huge role in allowing elderly and people with physical disabilities to keep living a self-determined, independent life in their familiar surroundings. Individuals who are elderly or have a disability require novel approaches for communicating efficiently with robotic-assisted services in their living environments and even unstructured environment with safety and reliability. The development of such systems should be focused on cost effectiveness, ease of control, and safe operation, in order to enhance the autonomy and independence of such individuals, minimizing at the same time the necessity for a caregiver.

Students who participate in the Robotics for Assistive Technology REU will spend two months in beautiful Menomonie, Wisconsin, training under research mentors in electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, or vocational rehabilitation

Room, board and stipend provided

June 26th – August 18th