How ORS Works

What is ORS?

The Opportunity Research Scholars’ Program (ORS) is an innovative undergraduate research program designed to enhance and expand the academic experience of undergraduate students. Here are details:

  • ORS students work on a research project for two-consecutive semesters supervised by a PhD mentor and faculty advisor
  • Students earn credit or pay for conducting research (pay opportunities are subject to restrictions)
  • Students work on teams of 3-4 undergraduates in an assigned lab
  • A PhD mentor leads the team and meets with students on a regular basis
  • ORS students attend research workshops and professional enrichment activities throughout the year

What do students gain from ORS?

  • Hands-on research experience
  • Skill-building opportunities including technical writing and public speaking
  • Social and community building within the ORS program
  • Networking events with ORS industry sponsors
  • Exposure to many of the technical interest areas within the field of electrical and computer engineering
  • Scholars receive credit or pay for conducting research