Credit Options for ORS

There are several options available for ECE students desiring to do the ORS program for credit.  These include:

UROP+: The students receive credit through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program by working in ORS (1 credit P/F in the fall term, 2 credit A-F in the spring).  Additionally, students receive a 1-credit A-F graded special problems credit to reflect the additional work required by ORS.   This is the recommended option for first-year students. [UROP+ Fall Syllabus]

6CSP:  The 6-credit special problem option allows students to take an expanded 3-credit graded special problems course both fall and spring, performing some additional assignments.  With this option, it is possible to switch to/from paid terms between semesters.  [6CSP Fall Syllabus]

Research Option:  xxx